Global MBA ranking methodology.

Academic Excellence (50)

Objective: There are three criteria for academic excellence, all of which are intended to reflect the level of students and education in the MBA program.

The criteria:

  • Selectivity (10): shows the level of students recruited into the program;
  • Academic (20): shows the academic reputation of the MBA program;
  • Research (20): evaluates the level of research in the school.

Data: GMAT average, two reputation surveys on MBA programs and the schools themselves by business school professors and directors, UT Dallas research score on publications in major business administration research journals, and a survey of the school's research reputation.

Employability (50)

Objective: There are three employability criteria, all aimed at reflecting the value of the MBA program to companies and the success of alumni.

The criteria:

  • Salary (20): shows the average salary level after graduation;
  • Reputation (20): evaluates the professional reputation of the MBA program;
  • Alumni (10): shows the level of success of alumni.

Data: post-graduation salaries, two professional reputation surveys of recruiters from large companies and MBA alumni, survey of notable alumni.